Virtual Job Fair

virtual job fair

Create and conduct immersive virtual 3D job fairs, revolutionizing how you connect/network with employers and fellow job seekers in a few minutes. Enjoy the virtual experience, invite /add users, or embed your fairs on your website and many more.

Empowering Job Seekers and Employers
Connecting Opportunities

Empowering Job Seekers and Employers

  • Flexibility enables job seekers to participate at their convenience, regardless of their location
  • Explore the virtual environment, visit booths, and engage with representatives Job seekers and employers can interact with each other through avatar-based communication
  • Facilitate post-event follow-up and engagement between employers and job seekers

Virtual Booths

Amplify Your Brand, Engage Job Seekers, and Track Success

  • Set up virtual booths within the amGround
  • Show your company, culture, job openings, and other relevant information
  • Customized your booth with branding elements, videos, interactive displays, and downloadable resources
  • Provide analytics and metrics that help employers assess the success of their participation, such as the number of attendees, engagement rates

Virtual Booths
Seamless Job Discovery
Seamless Job Discovery

Explore, Apply, and Connect with Opportunities

  • Employers can list their job openings within the amGround
  • Job seekers can easily browse through the available positions, read the job descriptions, and submit their applications or express their interest directly within the virtual environment
  • Link your booth to your virtual office


Learn, Connect, and Grow at the Interactive Webinars

  • Host live presentations, webinars, or panel discussions during the job fair
  • Job seekers to learn more about the company, industry trends, and specific job roles
  • Attendees can participate, ask questions, and gain valuable insights
  • Provide networking opportunities for job seekers and employers
  • Facilitates relationship-building and expands professional networks

Showcase Your Talents
Showcase Your Talents

Elevate Your Profile and Impress Employers

  • Job seekers can create virtual resumes or portfolios to showcase their skills, experience, and work samples within the amGround
  • Allows employers to review candidate profiles and comprehensively understand their qualifications

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