Virtual Education/School

3D School Education Tour & Classroom

Create your school's 3D tour for promotional purposes in which you can engage in real-time chats, and network with fellow learners, educators, and industry professionals effortlessly, all within a few minutes

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Immersive Learning Environments

  • Explore virtual worlds, visit historical sites
  • Connect with students and teachers globally
  • Embed educational events on your website and beyond
  • Collaborative projects that ignite creativity and innovation
  • Experience personalized learning tailored to your unique needs


Personalization of Your Virtual Class

  • Tailor virtual education events to match your branding and objectives
  • Customize the virtual environment, event layouts, and themes
  • Infuse your virtual education events with your organization's branding elements
  • Customize the layout of virtual classrooms and meeting spaces
  • Arrange seating, presentation areas, and interactive elements to suit your teaching style or event requirements
  • Optimize the virtual space for enhanced engagement and interaction

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Create campaigns and reactivate

  • Able to create events for specific happenings in your ground to attract new visitors or re-engage your audience
  • Newly created events show up on the landing page immediately
  • Increase event participants with targeted amGround promotion and direct response
  • amGround makes event promotion simple and reaches your target market faster.
  • amGround users are sent notifications (t&c) about your newly created events and can set reminders for your events to attend
  • Engage with participants, facilitate discussions, and deliver educational content seamlessly

Audience engagement

Immersive Learning with 3D and 2D Assets

  • Access a wide range of 3D and 2D educational assets on our Metaverse education platform
  • Foster deeper understanding and conceptual grasp through interactive 3D simulations..
  • Take students on virtual field trips to historical sites through Metaverse classrooms.
  • experience simulations that enhance their understanding of complex concepts

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Small School

3-5 rooms & 2/3 facilities
  • Price: > $5900
    Time: ~10 days

Large School

5-20 rooms and 3-6 facilities
  • Price: > $7900
    Time: ~15 days

Promotional Video

30-60 seconds 3D tour of the school
  • Price: > $1900
    Time: ~5 days
Note: Our monthly subscription pricing is an exclusive charge to use the application for hosting your 3D