How NFT artists can grow their community in the metaverse and virtual world

18 July 2022 Community building NFT Community NFT marketing
How NFT artists can grow their community in the metaverse and virtual world

The online community plays a lifeblood role in NFT brand support. This community plays the role of rooting for an NFT to grow. To succeed in NFT marketing, the first mission is to build a solid and supportive community.

If you've built your brand with an engaged community, you have stepped ahead. But if you still haven't started building the community, it is never too late. In the following article, we will review the path to building a strong & engaged community.


Why Community Is the Secret to NFT Success

Understanding the importance of community is essential if we are to succeed in the long term for both new and existing teams.

To better understand community use, imagine you have audiences willing to pay money for your work before putting them on NFTs.

You may now understand why successful NFT artists must either have a significant following outside the NFT environment or make a growing community.



What Makes A Good NFT Community?

To attract people as an audience, varied approaches are required. You need to define your audience first.

For NFT crypto community-building, there must be a vision for a larger mission and a mutual effort aimed at it.

Your mission scope depends on your project, but people must believe in it, & of course, creators need to be authentic and transparent with their communities.


Whoever tries to build a strong NFT community considers social media as their first means:

  • Discord as an encompassing place, including the NFT crypto community
  • Twitter for brief messages, announcements, and quick interactions
  • Telegram for the possibility of rolling and communicative chats
  • Reddit for free discussions, community-driven support, and having subreddits shared

Are popular social platforms.

But in a growing tide of competition, where everyone is building their community, you must take more steps to be seen and excite your audience. So you can not keep adding just by post-sharing.


NFT Communities in the Metaverse

Metaverse makes new ways for people to play, engage, congregate, earn, and transact. Metaverse will form a new kind of virtual life. An environment where people can connect and interact distance-free.

Metaverse will undoubtedly be a more exciting place than traditional social platforms to build a community and persuade audiences toward a common goal.

Building a close relationship with the audience as a creator is the first 

Step into building a community limited by social media, but that has no boundaries in the metaverse!


amGround, an outstanding platform in the NFT community


Multiple emerging platforms exist for virtual galleries and direct sales of NFT and art. But amGround does much more to excite the community. In the amGround metaverse environment, a gallery can be set up in different builds. Imagine sitting in a chair with your audience and having a friendly conversation. How effective will communication be? 


Visit a view of this environment in the video below: 


(Youtube link)

Start discussions on various topics; host mutual galleries with other creators. Listen to what your audience thinks & believes. Get a better view of your audience through audience analysis, demographics, and much more!

These are the basic principles for managing a growing community!


Click to learn about amGround features for NFT creators and brands.


To learn about making a new NFT virtual gallery, watch the video below.

(Youtube link)


Final thoughts

 A supportive & growing community plays a vital role in an NFT brand's success. Community building requires a mutual & persuasive goal. To develop a community, you must excite and connect with your audience. The social media space allows you to make an initial connection with the community. But you have more and more new things than others to stand out in this growing background of NFTs. In this article, we have introduced you to a metaverse gallery with various features. In the following articles, we will guide you more in this regard.

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