Virtual Events/Conferences

Virtual Event

Create and conduct your interactive virtual 3d events and meetings, chats & networking with your friends and colleagues, and businesses (public or private) hassle-free in a few minutes. Enjoy the virtual experience, invite /add users, or embed your event on your website and many more.

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  • Able to create events for specific happenings in your ground to attract new visitors or re-engage your audience
  • Newly created events show up on the landing page immediately
  • Increase event participants with targeted amGround promotion and direct response
  • amGround makes event promotion simple and reaches your target market faster.
  • amGround users are sent notifications (t&c) about your newly created events and can set reminders for your events to attend

Video Sharing / Go Live!

  • Live notifications will be sent to all your visitors, pushing the content of your event straight to them
  • Generate more engagement in your Ground and increase the number of visitors in future Rooms.
  • Share your video in a webinar, conference and workshop easily by using the online video-sharing service
  • Get in touch and engage with visitors, publishers, and partners using video sharing and Go Live!
  • Up to 200 speakers for your event with unparalleled quality

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Voice / Chat / Engage

  • Conduct a life-stream audio call with your audience by clicking on the microphone
  • Live chat with your audience on the ground and run Q/A
  • Share screen sessions on specific plots to do certain demos or presentations

Event Ticketing / Participations / Privacy

  • Create your own event ticket in minutes
  • Enable you to create your own ticket event, you can also customize the ticket excerpt, price, ticket quantity, ticket type, and currency.
  • Make your event private/public
  • make it easy to plan, promote and sell tickets to any kind of event
  • Import your event attendee list from Hopin, Eventbrite or add manually

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Notification system

  • Meet new people, expand your professional network, and get inspired at our exclusive events
  • Combine the interests, skills, and professional networks of members to optimize your business meetings
  • get the list of events that suit your interest

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