Virtual real estate

Virtual real estate

Create your 3D virtual interactive version of your real estate resembling your real one, for the easier demo of your existing property or pre-construction one that is yet to be built. Viewable from anywhere via any device! [Demo]

NFT ART gallery
NFT ART gallery

Interactive Navigation

  • Virtual real-estate tours created from 3D models are an innovative way to showcase properties even before construction starts.
  • This interactive form of real-estate visualization allows customers to see a fully-realized, interactive property model as if they were there.
  • Navigates the property using their keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen.
  • Move from room to room, look around, and zoom in and out as they please.

Informational Hotspots

  • Important information such as materials, qualities, and colors can be added for the visitor's information
  • Allowing customers to click on objects or areas of interest to learn more. For example, a customer could click on a light switch to learn about the property's lighting system.

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Virtual Open house / event

  • Able to create open house events for in your property virtually to speak to your buyers/sellers

Customizable Settings

  • Virtual real estate tours can be customized to match the style and branding of the real estate company.
  • Customizable settings can include lighting, music, and other ambient elements.
  • Embed your virtual real estate on your website in simple steps.
  • View the property from different angles and perspectives.
  • View the property from all sides and fully understand the property's layout and features.

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